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The Application Of Neodymium Magnets In Medical Treatment

The application of neodymium magnets in medical treatment and basic knowledge of neodymium magnets (NdFeB magnets)

Nd-Fe-B magnets are the permanent magnets which have the highest performance at present,it's called as king of magnetism,It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and strong magnetic properties.With a very high magnetic energy, the maximum magnetic energy product is over 10 times more than the ferrite magnets.Its own mechanical processing performance is also quite good,the working temperature is up to 200 degrees centigrade.It is hard, stable, and has a good performance price ratio, so its application is very wide.

The basic knowledge of neodymium magnets
The neodymium magnets can be divided into two kinds: bonded neodymium magnets and sintered neodymium magnets.
It is expected that in the next 20-30 years, it”s impossible to have magnetic materials that replace neodymium magnets.The main raw materials for production of neodymium magnets are metallic neodymium, iron, boron alloy and other additives.

The core technology of neodymium magnet industry is mainly embodied in the manufacturing process, which is embodied in the uniformity, consistency, quality of the processing and the quality of the coating.

Nd-Fe-B magnet as the third generation rare earth permanent magnet material,it has a high performance price ratio,it is widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, IT, household appliances and other industries.Especially with the development of knowledge economy represented by information technology, new applications of functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnets - NdFeB industry and other functional materials have been brought to new applications, which brings wider market prospects for Nd-Fe-B industry.
The NdFeB maximum working Temp is about 200 degrees centigrade, that is, more than  200 degrees centigrade, it will appear demagnetization phenomenon. If the temperature is higher, demagnetization is more serious.
First, do not put NdFeB magnet in the high temperature, especially the critical temperature,  adjust its working temperature timely, so as to minimize the occurrence of demagnetization.

Two, it is from the technology to improve the performance of the use of magnet products, so that it can have a more temperature structure, not easy to be affected by the environment.

Three, can also choose the same BH(max) higher coercivity material. If not, only sacrifice a little energy product for more high coercivity material,no more, you can choose to use the SmCo, reversible demagnetization, only choose SmCo.

The application of NdFeB magnets in medical treatment
NdFeB permanent magnet is a high tech material for the National 863 project project.It can produce is a biological magnetic field that simulates the characteristics of the human body's magnetic field,the performance is stable.The function of the human body can rectify the magnetic field of the human body,by enhancing the biological electromagnetic energy of the meridian of human body,to promote the operation, so as to increase the flow of Qi, blood and oxygen supply to the brain, reduce the excitability of nerve endings of the cerebral cortex, promote bone tissue hypnosis, analgesia, sedation The new supersedes the old., promoting blood circulation and eliminate the effect of anxiety.At present, it is commonly used to treat insomnia, neurasthenia, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder and other chronic diseases of bone and joint, and the symptoms of pain and numbness caused by these diseases.
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The Application Of Neodymium Magnets In Medical Treatment
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