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Sintered samarium cobalt magnets

Product description Samarium cobalt magnets are rare earth metal materials such as samarium oxide and cobalt oxide, samarium cobalt permanent magnets can be produced by two different processes: sintering and casting. Its high magnetic energy product, thermostability and oxidation resistance, high temp resistance, do not need to do surface rust treatment, which is also one of the options for application in high temperature environment. It has the dvantages of high magnetic energy product, high preserving magnetic force and anti-oxygenation, etc. It has been widely used in thin and short science and technology products. But the price is very high, most of the market has been replaced by neodymium, iron and boron magnets. However, SmCo magnets have the characteristics of high temperature coefficient, which is not replaced by NdFeB magnets. Commonly used in special applications (aerospace motors or headphones) as second generation rare earth permanent magnets, It has been widely used in detectors, generators, radars, instruments and other precision science and technology fields. Samarium cobalt can be divided into: tile, cylinder, ring, square, etc. SmCo magnetization methods can be divided into: thickness magnetization, pairing magnetization, etc. Samarium cobalt detection methods: demagnetization curve, hysteresis curve, Gao Si meter, magnetometer, aging test, salt spray test, pressure cooker test, etc. Samarium cobalt is widely used in hearing aids, receivers, high-end microphones, microspeakers, motors, sensors, radars, aeronautics, etc.

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