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Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are a great organizational instruments which can be stored in the hidden space of home or office.

In history, different forms of hooks have always been used by us.

Fish hooks may be created initially with sharp sticks to enable early humans to let people catch fish easily. A barb at the end of a spear is another kind of hook ramification. During the middle ages, there was, of course, a hook that can make users climb to the top of the wall of the castle.

Fortunately, compared with people who lived in the middle ages, now we use hooks more frequently.

Now, the hook magnets are used as an cheap and effective ways to store items in the house orderly. Before using hooks, we could not use these spaces before. Some hooks have sone problems, because it is not feasible to hook the handle through the surface of the refrigerator door. Hang up a key or place a tea towel for ready use. This is a good place to hang a key or place a tea towel and people can use it at any time.

However, you can put the magnetic hook on the surface of the refrigerator door, and then you will not lose the key again. Meank has a sticky pad that allows magnetic hooks to be glued to a window, and then people can place the indoor plants beside the windows. And they can create a beautiful design that allows plants to get maximum benefits from sunlight. Meank's magnetic hooks have many different advantages, ranging from the standard 8 LB pulling force to the 100 pound super pulling force of magnetic hook.

Our magnets have various durable powder coating colors and packaging, such as single strong magnet hooks or 6 packages. The sizes of the hook also include the large size of hooks, the small size of hooks, and evev the size of hooks which is almost completely hidden. We can use these hooks in the yard to hang festive lighting sets. It is easy to remove them in the winter and put back up in the spring. Strong magnetic hooks are used in several different sizes in my shop and at home. Thin metal strip is placed on the wall and the super strong neodymium magnets of magnetic hooks have been attached at the places, so I can find things easily. I also can hang any instruments with loops.  My garden tools are hang in my yard and I hang the fertilizer spreader from the ceramic magnetic hooks to the much stronger neodymium magnetic hooks.

Magnetic hooks
are always used by teachers, and they are used to hang decorations and school work. Teachers may hang these hooks from the metal separators in the drop ceiling or the fluorescent lights. They are suitable for the decorations to change season or event. These hooks are also very suitable for the kitchen yo use.  Our manufacturing team only use the magnetic hooks with the most strict quality standards and in order to ensure the satisfaction of customers, we always use the most strict materials to prevent corrosion and the physical failure of the tools.

Here are some other applications such as decorative magnetic hooks, magnetic key hooks, magnetic refrigerator hooks, magnetic wall hooks, magnetic grill hooks, magnetic locker hooks, and magnetic hooks for steel doors. And here is the promise of our company: We ensure that we will provide hooks with the top quality magnets, and the finish will be premium. You can use our hooks anywhere.
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