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Neodymium Ring Magnets

Ring magnets mean the magnets that in a ring shape, someone calls them magnet rings. Ring magnet is one of the common types of permanent magnets.
The neodymium ring magnets (neodymium magnetic rings) are more and more used today. They are just high-performance neodymium magnets which made into a ring shape. For the appearance, neodymium ring magnets are just disc neodymium magnets with a hole in it. The hole can be made on any position of the disc magnets, but it almost made in the center of disc magnets. Neodymium ring magnets(NdFeB ring magnets) are used to fit other things onto it. Countersunk ring neodymium magnets are suitable for screws. Most of the ring neodymium magnets are just magnetized through height or thickness. If you want the neodymium ring magnets magnetized through diameter, please let me know when inquiry. We can produce neodymium ring magnets in a variety of sizes with short delivery time.

Neodymium ring magnets are widely used on electronic products, for example, it used as loudspeaker magnets.

  • D20xd4x5mm neodymium ring magnets

    The ring magnets on the picture is made from neodymium magnetic material. The size of the neodymium ring magnets is D20xd4x5mm. With axially magnetized, the magnetic poles are on the two flat surface....

  • D12xd4x6mm rare earth ring magnets

    Rare earth magnets include neodymium magnets and Samarium-Cobalt magnets.The rare earth ring magnets on the pictures are made from neodymium magnetic material.The dimension is D12xd4x6mm, axially magn...

  • D15xd6x6mm neodymium circular rings

    Neodymium circular rings are round shaped neodymium magnets with a hole in the center.It is made by cutting from a neodymium tube magnets.We have different sizes for neodymium circular rings in stock,...

  • D12xd9x1.5mm neodymium magnet rings

    The size of the neodymium magnet rings on the picture is D12xd9x1.5mm,this neodymium magnets rings can be used as motor magnets,speaker magnet and can be also used on cosmetics bottle cap.

  • D13xd9x1mm ring neodymium magnets

    The size of ring neodymium magnet on tshe picture is D13xd9x1mm,this ring neodymium magnets can be used as motor magnets,speaker magnet and can be also used on cosmetics bottle cap.

  • D25xd11x8mm strong neodymium rings

    The neodymium rings on the pictures are measured D25xd11x8mm,that belong to medium size for neodymium ring magnets,which called strong neodymium rings. This strong neodymium rings are with high grade ...