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The Overview and Characteristics of the Ferrite Magnet

The ferrite magnet is a permanent magnet, which is mainly made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. It has been developed by the Yoshcl Company at early time. Compared with other permanent magnets, ferrite magnet is hard and brittle with low magnetic energy. But it is not easy to demagnetization and to corrode. Its  production process is simple and the price is low. Therefore, in the whole magnet industry, the output of ferrite magnet is the highest and this kind of magnet is widely used in industrial production.

The ferrite magnet belongs to the sintered permanent magnet material, which is composed of barium and strontium ferrite. This kind of magnetic material has the performance of strong anti demagnetization and the advantage of low cost. Because the opposite magnet takes the direction by orienting along the direction of manufacture, it must be magnetized along the taken direction. However, the isotropic magnets can be magnetized in any direction because they are not oriented. Although on the compression surfaces, there is often a slight magnetic induction on the smallest surface. The range of magnetic energy product is between 1.1MGOe and 4.0MGOe. Because of its low cost, ferrite magnets have wide application, such as the motor, the loudspeaker, the toy and the art work. So it is the most widely used permanent magnet material at present.

Adopting the method of powder metallurgy to produce magenets, which has little remanence and low magnetic conductivity.This kind of magnet has strong coercivity, strong anti magnetic ability, and agnetic circuit structure that is suitable for dynamic working conditions especially. The material is hard and crisp, which can be used for cutting the emery tools. The main raw material is oxide, so it is not easy to corrode. The working temperature: is from -40 ℃ to +200 ℃.
Ferrite magnets are divided into opposite (anisotropic) and isotropic (isotropic). The magnetic properties of isotropic sintered ferrite permanent magnets are weak, but they can be magnetized in different directions; the magnetic properties anisotropic sintered ferrite permanent magnet are strong , but it can only be magnetized along the predetermined direction.
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