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  • Safety Neodymium MagnetsApril 17, 2018Tips for safe handling on neodymium magnetsDangerSwallowingChildren could swallow small magnets.If several magnets are swallowed, they could get stuck in the intestine and cause perilous complications...view
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  • After-sale ServiceMay 26, 2017All company can just provide good service and extreme enthusiasm before getting the orders. Meank Magnetics can pay much more attention to after-sale service.1, we are concerned with the production sc...view
  • FAQMay 26, 20171. Why are neodymium magnets coated? Neodymium magnet is mainly a composition of neodymium, iron, and boron. When the magnets are exposed to air, the iron in the magnet can rust and ruin the magnet, b...view
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  • Technical HelpMay 26, 20171. Available coatings for neodymium magnetsSurfaceCoatingThickness (Microns)ColorResistancePassivation 1Silver GreyTemporary ProtectionNickelNi+Ni10-20Bright SilverExcellent Against HumidityNi+Cu+NiZi...view