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Office Magnets/Magnetic Stationery

Office magnets is a simple application of magnets in office or home. It’s composed of magnets(neodymium power magnets or hard ferrite magnets) and plastic/metal house. Magnets are covered by the colorful plastic house.The house provides perfect protection on the permanent magnets, and ensure the coated magnets longest used life, the whole office magnets can be used many years without any broken. The plastic/metal house can be machined into different shapes and colors, and custom logo can be made onto the surface.

Office magnets used to hold schedules, reminders, memos, photos, files.... onto the surface of other metal body and magnetic things, for example, magnetic white board, bulletin boards, refrigerators, magnetic wall.....  It can be called as holding magnets or magnetic holder based on the application method. Sometimes office magnets called as stationary magnets and used as magnetic stationery, they are sold in a stationery shop.

The features of office magnets:

1. Material choice is flexible: the materials for both magnets and house can be adjusted according to personal willingness. For magnet part, neodymium office magnets, ceramic office magnets, and rubber office magnets can be often seen on the market. For the house part, it can be made from plastic and metal. The plastic house just provides normal protection on the magnets, a metal house not only will protect the magnet from damaging but also strengthen the magnetic power.
2. Colors are rich: the colors usually mean the house color. Colorful plastic office magnets are available on the market. Such as red, orange, green, yellow, black, white, blue, violet etc, all colors can be made as transparent which looks very nice. When different colors office magnets put together, it looks like a rainbow, so it called as rainbow magnets.
3. Patterns are various: there are many different patterns for the plastic house, such as flat round, flat square, flat heart, flat Pentagon, nail shape etc.... Pictures can be made onto the house.
4. The application is easy and convenient: The application of office magnets is simple, just use the magnetic force. The size is small and the magnetic force is not too strong, which ensure it is easy to be used and took away from the magnetic surface.
5. Application place is wide: Office magnets can be found and used anywhere, used on the notice-board in office, hospital, and school, used on refrigerators at home......
6. Cost can be reasonably controlled: many sizes available for both ferrite office magnets and neodymium office magnets. Ferrite office magnets cost is cheaper compared with neodymium office magnets. But the magnetic force of neodymium office magnets is stronger. If you not need so strong magnetic force and want to save cost, then you can use ferrite office magnets. If just a little magnetic force needs, then you can use small ferrite office magnets.

Meank Magnetics is professional office magnets supplier. We can make powerful magnetic pins, white board magnets, push pin magnets(magnetic pins), memo magnets and skittle magnets,magnetic name badges and magnetic clips. Our aim is to be your best office magnets, producer.
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