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Rubber Coated Magnetic Base

To make pot magnets used in more special conditions, people often need to make rubber coated on pot magnets, so that rubber coated pot magnets appeared on the magnetic products market and used more and more as a magnetic base or magnetic holder.

Rubber coated magnetic base called rubber coated holding magnet or rubber coated magnetic holder, even just called as rubber coated magnets shortly.
On this page, we show different types of rubber coated magnetic base, all of them are assembled with powerful neodymium magnets. For bigger rubber coated magnetic base, even assembled with several disc neodymium magnets in it. So that the whole rubber coated magnet is a well designed magnetic system.With several separate strong magnet discs fixed onto the steel plate, the magnetic force is stronger.And it can holder more weight than normal pot magnets.

Compared with normal pot magnets, rubber covered magnetic bases have many advantages,the surface is soft, so that it can not make any damage to the other contacted objects; the rubber coats are waterproof, which better protect the coated magnets from rusting and give the longest working lifetime to the rubber coated magnets; there are different colors available for the rubber coats on the magnetic base, which make the whole magnetic base system more colorful, so that the color of rubber coated magnetic base is not monotony any more.The arrangement of magnets and the rubber coating is ideal for use on surfaces which should not be scratched and/or where movement or slippage of a normal metal pot magnet system is a problem. This makes its use recommended for painted or varnished articles, or for applications where a strong magnetic force is needed, without marking or scratching surfaces.

We have round magnetic bases and rectangular magnetic bases for sale.Based on different application requirements, we have the following types of rubber coated magnetic bases, which sell well and have good market performance:rubber coated magnetic bases with thread stud, rubber covered magnetic base with external thread, internal thread rubber coated magnetic bases,rubber coated magnetic base with countersunk, all above shapes of rubber coated magnets can be made with internal thread and external thread. These magnetic base can be assembled with hooks,rings or handles.....

Please look at the standard sizes of each type rubber coated magnetic bases, then choose one type suitable for you. If you couldn't find one type suitable for you from the stable, then please not forget to let us make a unique design for you.