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Magnetic Hooks/Hook Magnets

Magnetic hooks are prevailed these years, as a very useful magnets assembly/magnetic tools, the product can be used almost anytime and anywhere. They are attracted to other metal surfaces to hang different things at home, office, workshop,etc.

According to the permanent magnets often used, magnetic hooks can be divided into neodymium magnet hooks which are strong magnetic hooks used to hang heavier objects and ferrite magnetic hooks which have a weaker magnetic force and but cheaper. Others magnetic hooks are seldom used because of a higher price, such as SmCo magnetic hooks and AlNiCo magnetic hooks.

According to the working place, magnetic hooks can be divided into ceiling magnetic hooks and wall magnetic hooks, fridge magnetic hooks, magnetic door hooks, kitchen magnetic hooks and etc.

According to the accessory material used, magnetic hooks can be divided into plastic magnetic hooks and rubber coated magnetic hooks, which are waterproof magnetic hooks and will not cause broke and mark on the contact surface.

Based on different structure features, there are these available: magnetic carabiner hooks, reversible magnetic hooks, rotate magnetic hooks, swinging magnetic hooks.
Meank Magnetics is a professional magnetic hooks producer, we have wide selection range on magnetic hooks, and it will continues to enlarge. The magnetic hooks made by us have powerful magnetic force, which is with smooth and clean surface, and meet the requirement for supermarkets. We hope our magnetic hooks make your decorating easier and simple.
We not only supply magnetic hooks but also provide magnetic hang solutions for clients, if you can't find suitable magnetic hooks for you, also welcome you to contact us for unique designs.    
  • Rotary Magnetic Hooks

    The rotary magnetic hooks are used on vertical suface. They care water proof magnetic hooks,you can not see metal part outsite.The rotary plastic magnetic hooks can't cause scratch on other object surface.

  • Plastic Coated Magnetic Hooks

    Magnetic hooks are sometimes used in bad environment,to not let its surface rust quickly and lengthen its working time,a good surface protection is need.Usually plastic housing or rubber housing are m...

  • Magnetic Hat/Coat Hooks

    This kind of plastic magnetic hooks are composed plastic house and disc neodymium magnets. The magnetic force only come from the disc magnet. The magnetic strength is not too strong. The magnet hooks ...

  • Reversible Magnetic Hooks

    The type of reversible magnetic hooks suit for both horizontal surface and vertical surface. They are magnetic ceiling hooks when used on the roof of certain space.

  • Magnetic Carabiner Hooks

    This magnetic carabiner hooks are composed of steel shell and neodymium magnets. This design can used for both horizontal surface and vertical surface. They are magnetic ceiling hooks when used on hor...