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Company Culture

Aim to be the leader in the area of permanent magnetic material and magnets application, and to be a good China manufacturer & supplier of rare-earth neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Realize the sustainable growth and take up more market for NdFeB power magnets and it’s applications.

Create more value and provide our best service for every magnets/magnetics users and magnets distributor through innovation.

Achieve the mutual growth for customers, company, and staffs.

A company’s development can not depart from new products, we ensure the company sustainable development by adding new magnetic products constantly.

The competition is very intense both for permanent magnets and magnets application products, not only on price, the magnet company can not exist without high-quality products. So we always dedicate ourselves to deliver the highest quality products to all customers.

We have profit while customer not, then customers can not exist; we have great profit while customers have little profit, then customers are not stable; customer have profit but we not, then we not accept; both sides have fair profit, then customers are stable and our profit keeps a long time. We ensure double-win for each deal.

Responsibility, we not just produce and supply magnets, even shoulder responsibility, the responsibility are for customers, for staffs, and for society. For customers, we have to ensure all our customer receive their orders on time, and ensure the best quality and best packaged, must provide more convenient for them. For staffs, we have to let them have fair income and better development of life. For society, we respond government policies, saving energy and protecting the environment.

We always pay attention to the public praise in the industry of permanent magnets by good reputation, good service, reasonable price and quick deliver. Hope to win more market of magnet industry and more customers.